Tips for Self Love

We all get stuck in our routine, whether that is school, work, friends, family, you name it. We can get so caught up and overwhelmed that we forget to make time for ourselves. We neglect our own needs in order to get the job done. Stress can sneak up on you and can really leave you drained. Take some time out of your day to reflect and unwind.

Calm Your Senses

The act of lighting a candle, dimming the lights and breathing in the scent, can help soothe your body. Once your body relaxes, your mind follows. If you are not familiar with the pink Himalayan salt lamp craze by now, check it out!




Essential Oil Diffuser

These pink himalayan products are said to clean and purify the air in their environment. They improve mood and calm you down. Another great product to calm the senses is an Essential oil diffuser. You add water and essential oils and voilà! Taking time out of your day to relax and really breathe in deeply will help you feel better, even if you only take 3 deep breathes.

Shift Your Mindset

Mindset is everything. Have you ever had a day where you get out of bed, trip over something, forget your keys and the rest snowballs from there? Yea, same. Mindset shifting is a personal struggle of mine! BUT like a wise person once told me, practice makes perfect. A self love mindset is made up of you accepting yourself as you are in every moment. Like damn, eat that cookie and feel good about it. Promise yourself you love yourself NO MATTER WHAT. We strive for perfection and greatness, but no one is PERFECT, You are literally born to be yourself and if someone has a problem with that….fuck that. You owe it to yourself to love yourself. And its okay if you do not love yourself everyday, sometimes those negative thoughts are going to pop up in your head, you have to be strong, you have to fight them. Fight them with acceptance of your whole being.


SO NEXT POINT is meditation. Meditation does not have to be you sitting indian style in a zen room chanting om…although…this works…and having a zen room seems pretty rad. Meditation can take many forms such as coloring, cleaning, crafting, painting your nails..etc. Any mindless activity that will get your mind off of the boring routine will work.

Reading, drawing, writing, netflix-ing, even being a couch potato works! TREAT YO SELF. Just stop and be present in what ever it is that you are doing, you owe it to yourself.

Get Moving

Self Love… Self Love, feed your body some love and get moving. Get up and walk around the neighborhood, or my personal favorite….YOGA. My favorite free yoga on the webz is yoga with Adriene. Her channel is dope, and she is awesome! Sample video below, do not forget to check out her channel!

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is a way I show myself self love. This may sound stressful, but it does not have to be. Sitting down and writing a list for your next week or next few days can help you become your best version. Show yourself you believe in yourself, write yourself positive mantras, reminders and motivation to get you through each moment. Do not forget to plan to fail.